It’s this time of the year! What does one buy for a person who travels light and keeps changing their location all the time? Well, as a digital nomad myself I dare say there are plenty of options (dear friends and family – take a hint).

I’d also advise to get on with it early this year and make the most of pre-Xmas sales to save yourself some serious $$$. Let’s dive straight in – what are the best gifts for the digital nomad in your life?! 

Digital nomad lifestyle gifts

Laptop stand – we often work from anywhere and everywhere, and this often includes sofas, bed, armchairs and even the beach. Having a good laptop stand makes this much easier. I am obsessed with this standing laptop stand, which combines the best of having a standing desk AND a tripod. Whoever came up with this is a genius. This is a more classic, wood-style stand that can be easily (and stylishly) used on a sofa or a bed. And finally the most ergonomic and minimalist option, best suited for someone who does not like faff and appreciates practicality.

Journal – nomads love beautiful stationery, that’s just a fact. When you travel so much and take in so many different cultures, having a journal is a great way to get it all out of your system. It’s also a great way to make sure you don’t forget your memories. 

RemoteBase Premium membership – why not get them access to plenty of amazing accommodation deals? Chris from RemoteBase shares his best Airbnb finds and saves his users serious bucks. 

Co-working credits – seriously, this might sound less than sexy, but if you know that your nomad is going to be in a given place you might want to treat them to a swanky co-working pass. Better still? Get them the WeWork membership (they have a 50% discount Black Friday deal for specific offices!) or CoPass, just check that the location they need is included.

Hip bag – they are making a return and I LOVE them. You can have hands free, keep doing whatever it is you love doing (running, dancing, getting to the front row of the concert…) and some of them are also waterproof, which makes them superior to most handbags out there. 

Digital nomad personal growth gifts

Now, why is this a category for nomads? I think most of us decided to ditch the traditional lifestyle for a reason. There is usually at least some layer of spirituality there and a vast majority of nomads I do know (myself included) are interested in personal growth. Here are some great recommendations for all budgets! 

Mindvalley Academy membership – this is on the pricey end of the spectrum, but it is honestly one of the most transformational memberships out there when it comes to personal growth. You can access dozens of courses, from how to read super fast (it really works) to spiritual growth, meditation, how to learn lucid dreaming (yes, seriously) and how to have better sex. If you want to give someone a gift that will transform their life, this is it. And no, I have no affiliation to them – Vishen’s teachings took me through the unexpected and early passing of my dad and pretty much any other struggle I ever faced, so I swear by his wisdom. 

The Compound Effect – not everyone wants to splash out on the above, so here is a book which has also had a profound effect on my lifestyle and helped me seriously level up. It talks about how small, daily changes add up over time and makes you realise that you can really build that amazing life you always wanted! 

The Power of Now – another classic book. A profound journey into spirituality and the power of living in the now. Highly recommended. 

Bansko Nomad Fest – why not treat them to a fun festival for nomads in Bulgaria? This is an increasingly popular event for nomads worldwide and I’m sure they will be excited to be given a ticket, as otherwise it is a bit pricey.

A spa weekend – as a nomad, you don’t usually treat yourself to a spa. Well, treat them! The bonus is that you don’t usually need to pick a date in advance. 

Remote work tech and gadgets for digital nomads

Portable wifi – they might have it, but this little orange hotspot is winning the hearts of many a nomad and travel blogger. 

Portable screen – many nomads travel only with their laptops, but you’d be surprised how few co-working spaces actually provide proper screens. Working only off your laptop gets tirings and is bad for your eyes, so gifting a portable screen to the nomad in your life might be a wonderful idea. It’s a great gift, because most nomads wouldn’t splash on it themselves. Here is a portable screen with fantastic reviews, in a mid price range, and in a very portable size. 

Portable projector – if you want to win the gift of the year award, this might be your best bet. Particularly if the nomad in question is a van lifer or if they simply love a good movie. These portable projectors are a complete game changers and mean that your nomad can now imagine high quality cinema wherever they go. The standard pint size version and the solar alternative

Kindle – a classic, but it never gets old. I don’t know how it is possible that not every single person on the planet owns a Kindle, but if your nomad doesn’t, just get it for them.

GoPro – another serious contender for the best gift of the year. Its latest creator camera is Hollywood meets Adventure. The classic 11 GoPro has insane capabilities, including being very comfortable under water (snorkelling and scuba diving) and a stabiliser that demystifies for you how all these influencers get their videos to look so smooth. I might be putting it on my Santa letter this year!

Oura Ring – for health conscious nomads in your life, Oura Ring is a potent little device. It can tell you everything there is to know about your health condition, sleep patterns, menstrual cycle (if that’s you) and you can even link it to the Natural Cycles app (which is an amazing cycle tracking app for women). 

Blue light blocking glasses – that’s my staple. Many people don’t yet know it, but getting a pair of these bad boys is a game changer to the quality of your sleep and rest. As nomads, we spend so much time staring at our devices that getting a pair of these glasses is basically essential. Make sure you’re buying the red ones, as these are the only glasses that truly block blue light. 

Power banks – there are so many on the market it is hard to recommend any specific one, so go for whatever your budget allows. I would recommend not to go too heavy and to check if they already have one beforehand (one never really wants to carry 5 different power banks). Here are two solar power bank options with fantastic reviews on Amazon and at very reasonable price points: 1 and 2

Selfie tripod with a clicker – most nomads these days create content, but if your nomad is just starting out on their journey getting this tripod might be a great idea. The clicker makes recording more handy! 

Gifts for outdoorsy nomads and adventurers

I couldn’t miss this category, obviously! This will all depend on how they travel (what they can actually carry with them) and what sports they love, but fingers crossed the list below gives you some inspiration. 

For the watersports obsessed

Surf skate – I am officially obsessed with this. It’s SO FUN and it is small enough to fit well into the van or a car (not plane travel though). Surf skates range in prices from £60 – £250, so read the reviews and go for a mid-price option, suitable for beginners if that’s your nomad. Surf skates were actually invented to help surfers improve their technique when not on the waves, so this is a great gift for the watersport obsessed nomad in your life. 

Wetsuit – a good wetsuit is a game changer. I was recently gifted this super cute wetsuit which I absolutely adore. Make sure you know where they normally surf/ kitesurf/ windsurf (there is no difference between the wetsuits for these sports) and remember that the colder the water, the thicker you want the wetsuit to be. I love using Surf Dome website as they have great brands at very reasonable prices and the customer service is also excellent. 

Surf board bag – for the surfer in your life, get them this surf bag from recyclable plastic and produced with the circular economy in mind. Eco friendly and definitely handy for making the board live a longer and happier life!

Changing robe – I love mine and I think life won’t ever be the same if I (God forbid) lose it. It helps you get changed into dry clothes really quickly or you can just put it on for a break if you’re grabbing a quick snack or a coffee in your wetsuit before going back into the water. A fantastic invention. 


Climbing trousers are always a great gift, particularly if you get them these jeans-like trousers or these colourful ones. The fact that they double as a good looking activewear or casual wear is an added bonus. 

Finger training device – small enough to pack it in their carry on, but mighty when they can’t be on the rocks and need to keep finger muscles (yes, it’s a thing) in shape. Using it will also help avoid injury, so it really is a great gift. 

Belay glasses – tiny device but so much more comfort. It allows the person on the ground holding the rope to look up at the climber without tilting your head and straining your neck. Yes, it makes a huge difference when you climb regularly. It’s also one of these things you tend to lose quite a bit, so it won’t be a problem if they already have one pair. 

Runners and hikers

A good hiking backpack is always welcome. One that can double as an overall good backpack is even more valuable (read – it is practical, but not horribly ugly). I recommend this one from Decathlon (it’s a bargain and they last FOREVER and look good) or this one from Osprey. This is a cute Regatta one which is less practical for longer hikes, but looks better for the more urban nomad (they can take it to the coworking!). 

Running backpack is also a great gift and they tend to be small enough that they can be easily packed for a trip. Throw in the hydration system and your glamping/ running nomad will be delighted. 

Resistance bands are the ultimate nomad fitness accessory, as you can always pack them and they help you get a good workout in, whatever the circumstances. 

I hope this list is helpful! Let me know in the comments below if you’re buying something from here for the nomad in your life 🙂 

Some of these links are affiliate links – if you use them to buy the product, I will get a commission from the sale at no extra cost to you.

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