Christmas gifts for nomads & minimalist travellers

It’s this time of the year! What does one buy for a person who travels light and keeps changing their location all the time? Well, as a digital nomad myself I dare say there are plenty of options (dear friends and family – take a hint). I’d also advise to get on with it early […]

Rock climbing accessible by public transport from Barcelona

I am sure you already heard about Barcelona being a great Digital Nomad destination. Sun, beach, paella… But what about rock climbing? If you are into climbing, you will know Catalonia as the home of some of the best climbing routes worldwide. It’s not uncommon to have the likes of Adam Ondra, Janja Garnbert or […]

Kitesurfing in Corralejo, Fuerteventura – not a good place to learn?

Corralejo is famous for its kitesurfing community and many a kitesurfer learnt the sport here. This shouldn’t come as a surprise – the temperatures are pleasant all year round with an average being 20C and in summer rarely exceeding 30C. Even in deep winter it doesn’t drop below 17C often, which means it’s a very […]

Is recession a great time to become a digital nomad?

The global economy is not looking great. Most economists agree that 2023 will see a recession fueled by post-pandemic inflation rampage, war in Ukraine and a number of other factors (Brexit, supply chain issues, workforce strikes everywhere), all of which are now somehow intertwined in a happy hot mess of a global economic meltdown. Recent […]