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Welcome to my blog where I share all things location independent lifestyle, adventure for wellbeing and outdoors!

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I want to inspire you to adventure more. It's good for you.

Being location independent does not always mean more adventures. Sometimes you need your tribe or a hand to make the most of it. This blog aims to inspire you, share tips for best places to live adventurously as a nomad or a remote worker, and educate you about the power of adventure for our mental and physical health.

the topics

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Adventure for wellbeing

Adventure and outdoor sports is not only fun, but it is also essential to our wellbeing, mental health, brain development and even preventing some chronic illnesses.

Digital nomad lifestyle

Tips on how to become location independent, updates on digital nomad visa and all admin aspects of becoming a nomad. The good and the bad!

Adventure and nomad inspiration

I want to inspire you to build your own location independent life, find remote work and create a lifestyle of freedom, abundance and adventure!

the blog

Are you short on time but still in a mood for something fun to do after or even before work? More than …

It’s this time of the year! What does one buy for a person who travels light and keeps changing their location all …

I am sure you already heard about Barcelona being a great Digital Nomad destination. Sun, beach, paella… But what about rock climbing? …

Corralejo is famous for its kitesurfing community and many a kitesurfer learnt the sport here. This shouldn’t come as a surprise – …

“By living adventurously, we can reprogram ourselves to see challenges and opportunities rather than threats, because we repeatedly prove that we can …

The global economy is not looking great. Most economists agree that 2023 will see a recession fueled by post-pandemic inflation rampage, war …

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