👋 from Maja & Adria

We are two outdoorsy nomads who want to share with you our love for adventure and inspire you to live your life on your own terms.

We met almost 6 years ago in a hostel in the Philippines and, fast forward two months, met again in Nepal in another hostel. 

24 hours later we decided to go on a 21 day trek in the Himalayas – in winter – and the rest was history. As Maja likes to say, it could have been either a murder or a love story, luckily it was the latter. 

why blog?

Adventure changed our lives. We want it to change yours, too.

Adventure and outdoor sports changed our lives. 

For Maja, it helped her work through deep grief after losing her father and seeing her mother go through cancer, and subsequently when Maja suffered a serious hip injury and couldn’t walk pain-free for over two years. 

For Adria, adventure has always been how he communicated with others, found his peace and energy to live. Mountains are his happy place and where he goes to recharge.

There is a fascinating body of research about how adventure and outdoors change our brains, help us overcome anxiety and depression and even heal from inflammation and other diseases. We want to use this blog to share this with as many people as we can – so adventure can transform more lives.

why nomads?

We believe that remote work and living a location independent lifestyle is the future. The days of a 9-5 life (or rather 8 am – 10 pm, if you ever worked in a corporate setting!) are counted. We are already part of the generation who believes that life should be rewarding, fun and filled with diverse experiences, not spent in pursuit of physical wealth and more and more stuff, which we never get to use anyways. Building a career which allows you to have multiple sources of income, work from anywhere and continue learning is something we believe should be experienced by everyone.

We want to inspire more people to choose a digital nomad lifestyle or a remote work set up and help you do it wisely, with the tools and planning you need to succeed.

Let’s make starting your Monday by the ocean or in the mountains the norm.